Monday, December 29, 2008

Things I need to do in 2009

2008 wasnt such a bad year for me, spent the year pregnant, complaining, being a mom to a newborn, cried rivers over the most mundane things (must be all the hormones); starting a new life and trying to redefine myself. I do not make new years' resolutions because I believe that when you decide to change your life, now is as good a time as any. I make my resolutions as I go along but because this time they will coincide with the new year for simplicity sake, I will call them new years resolutions.

My spiritual life has got to be improved; I will do my best to say my five daily prayers on time; fast more; etc, that's between me and my maker, don't want to go into details. . .

I have defined my diet now; no more juice, been drinking gallons while convincing myself that juice is healthy so I'm cutting out juice and soda. From now on, its water and tea until I get close enough to my target weight of 62kg. As for the food; I'm cutting out in between meals, cake and ice cream; will stop eating with hubby so i can have a good idea of what i actually consume and because he is a bad influence on me food wise. I also have this bad habit of eating when i get home from work at about 11:30pm. I do that because it helps me sleep and because I am a good girl with bad habits; I will replace the food with a warm bath, that should relax me enough to put me to sleep.

I will try to work out for an hour every morning; I printed off this exercise routine from yahoo health, have bought myself dumbbells so, I'm good to go. I will also power walk 5 laps around the nearby school field every morning, tummy and strength train after wards.

Even if I don't lose the weight, I will make sure my hair and skin looks nice, never leave the house without eyeliner; try to dress well; sound vain eh? Believe me when I say I've let myself go if I need some vanity to restore my looks then so be it.

Of course plus the regulars, be the best mommy, wife, sister, friend, employee, daughter, in-law, that I possibly can be, so help me God. Wishing everyone a happy and prosperous 2009!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Hope I'll be able to post after this;

Been sooo tired lately, there's always something to do. I havent really had time for myself and I've been going around with the looks of a person who has no time for herself.

Wake up call came a few days ago when I dragged myself out for a hair cut and the lady told me I had better get my hair routine back because my son will need something to boast about when he begins talking, and I realise that I have truely let myself go.

So, among my new week resolutions are

1. Will lose all the weight I gained after my delivery. I was back in my cute pre pregnancy jeans two weeks after baby came. Dunno what happened a month later; its like i wake up in the morning and find that I gained a few more pounds from just sleeping intermittently between babys cries and hubby's snores. Got a few new clothes to tide me over but its been five months and I am still getting bigger. Something has got to be done about this. I do not have a stragtegy yet, but all I know is, I have got to lose the weight. I am looking at starvaing myself(dieting), excercising, and getting some of that tea that makes you purge whatever you eat.

2. I already got my hair cut and its cute, if I may say so myself. But I'm going to make sure my hair is made all the time (may my pockets be filled with the money to make that possible); and make sure that my son has something to boast about when the time comes.

3. I hate my job, though I am grateful to the Almighty that I have one when so many are losing theirs. I need something that I can feel good about when I get up in the morning. On the other hand, I was thinking of becoming a teacher because I do love to teach, but really I wont make the kind of money I dream about doing that; so. . . I need to start sending out applications.

4. will updtae my blog weekly or biweekly, even if everything I have to say is all of four lines; so many bloggers I follow get away with that and readers dont seem to mind.

5. Continue to keep a clean house and cook regularly; though those parts I think I have mastered. In my own way. I clean the whole house once a week; and cook once a day; shop once a week and do laundary twice a month; etc.

6. Get rid of my toxic friends, I did get that part down too but all of a sudden, I'm friends with everybody again and even though no one is under my skin yet, I think its time to begin weeding.