Saturday, January 24, 2009

Foolish Old Men and Other Stories.

Ramblings. . .
I confess that I have kept none of my weight loss resolutions though I am making a lot of effort. Its hard to exercise when you have no spare time and PLEASE don't tell m to create time, if that was humanly possible, we would surely have more than 24 hours a day. The diet is going so so. Its harder to quit certain foods when you make the declaration to do so. Hardest of all my bad eating habits to quit is midnight dinner when I get home. But I am proud to announce that I have broken that habit for the past seven days.

Foolish Old Men
Last Sunday a curious thing happened, I got a text from an old fifty something man who should be settled in his 5 year old marriage. . .the text was sent in error, mind you. . .something corny about longing for someones memorable touch or juicy lips or something of sorts. . .silly really. The text was meant for his plaything and being the techie klutz that he is -not unusual for a guy of his age - he must have accidentally hit the reply all button sending the secret message to me, my husband, his wife, his family and friends. Hubby gave him a call and alerted him to his error and the guy had to repeatedly send everyone messages saying the text wasn't from his phone. Uh huh, we all got the text from some ghost who ran out of ideas on how to freak people out, loud hiss. For good measure, he sent the disclaimer text twice so we'd all see that his phone has a mind of its own. . . even louder hiss. Wish I could tell him that the cover up text sounded even more foolish than the cheesy love message.

Witnessed something while standing in line at the old Standard Trust Bank almost ten years ago. You know how the bank used to be like a crowded market place, and on that day, standing in front of me was this young cute girl doing this kinda jiggly dance to the AIT theme song. Behind me was this elderly gentleman somewhere in his mid fifties or sixties. As the girl jiggled her hips and butt, the man grunts over me at the girl in this thick Ibo accent "see the way you are dancing like a little baby"

When the girl acknowledged his comment with a "shy" glance, the guy proceeds to shove me aside -and i kid you not- so he could ogle the "little baby" . I stood my ground cos I had been standing in line for over an hour and was not giving my space to anyone. Next thing the man has the guts to say in a loud voice that I was interrupting his conversation and I should move aside. Thank God for my big eyes, I turned around an eyed the man from head to toe and probably because I didn't say anything he decided it wasn't worth the scene, he left me alone and continued panting like bingo after the "little baby" with more discretion. Tell me the likelihood of someone knowing his wife and or kids being present that day. I mean is it a crime to pursue women with maturity?

Give an inch. . .
This situation kinda sorted itself out (thank God). Had this stranded colleague @ work one day. . .no car and she fell out with her roomie who used to give her rides home because they live together. I don't think they were lovers though because the bigger gal used to be married and the smaller one was obviously going through a dry spell some weeks back when she was paying too much attention to guys in the office. I mean she was laughing hard and long at their jokes even when the said jokes were not funny, she kept talking about how homely she is and how she just loves to cook and bake for fun, etc oh, and how she hadn't had sex since the birth of her son five years ago. Anyway, apparently she got laid recently and has been respecting herself.

Lest I forget where this is going, I gave her a ride home because she needed one, next thing my sister began waiting for me daily. I wouldn't have minded if we were going the same way. She lives about 10 minutes in the other direction and then after i dropped her off, I'd have to drive 25minutes back at home and at that time of the night, I wasn't finding it funny after the first few days. But thank God sha, it seems like the person doing her has been taking her home. My issue was resolved, we have been spared her throwing herself at guys in the office, and baby girl seems happy. All's well that ends well.

Hope everyone's having a good month.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Dry skin solutions, anyone?

Okay so in trying to pimp my blog, I messed it up. Bear with me while I look for a solution.

I have to keep reminding myself that its a new year because I had to work the day before and the day after and been working ever since, I miss those 1-3 week breaks I've gotten in past years.

I am working on my exercise and diet. I am yet to lose any weight though. Its annoying cos if I was on a binge now, I would see the weight gain in minutes.

Bobo is changing so rapidly before my very eyes. He used to be this wobbly necked infant and it was relatively easy giving him a bath. Now its a struggle. He is constantly trying to stuff as much soap into his mouth, holds the sponge tightly any chance he gets; and tries to "catch" the water and when he cant catch the water, he holds the container. I end up struggling to hold him still with one hand and soap or rinse him with the other. Speaking of which, if anyone has a solution for dry skin, please share. My baby has skin as dry as a crocodile's. I've bathed him with dove sensitive fragrance free since he was 2 months. That helped a lot. I have no luck with body lotions/creams and petroleum jelly is just too heavy, right now I mix with it water, and cream him morning when I give him a bath and last thing at night before i go to bed. I have also tried eucerin, curel, johnsons baby, aveno baby, palmers cocoa butter, palmers shea butter, baby magic, various baby gels and oils, I have also done the extra virgin olive oil and they either did nothing for him or made him break out in rashes. I need something mild, and I am open to suggestions.