Wednesday, September 26, 2007


I am not very good with confrontations. If I must confront someone on something they have done that I do not like, I find that it's better to stay quiet. I'm one of those women who say nasty things when I'm angry. The worst part of it (I think) is that what I usually say is so close to home that the other person always feels the blow. Fortunately, I rarely confront people unless I am really pushed to the wall (thanks to Mom and Dad. Maybe its the pregnancy hormones racing through my body, or the preparations that are driving me crazy whatever it is, I think I have got to stay away from people.

We all have that colleague/classmate/sibling or whoever who loves to hog the limelight. They love recognition and feeling important and always feel as if things only run with them around. I was blessed with two of such siblings and basically, I have learnt that as long as they are not bugging me directly and/or slowing me down, they need to be ignored to avoid quarrels. Anyway, I have a colleague thats like that and it had been becoming extremely difficult to ignore her.

First of all, she takes honest jokes seriously. Then, in her eyes, she is the only
person at work that actually works at work and of course, she says repeatedly about how all of the rest of us people are always swamping her with our own work (needless to say that she does this with things that are her responsibility). My patience with her has been growing rather thin and yesterday, we had a less than pleasant exchange of words. Nothing nasty or loud. Okay I confess, it was nasty but ran more like a discussion than an argument. I subtly put her in her place and made my position clear .

So, why do I feel I over reacted? I have played it time and time again in my head and have come up with different ways I could have handled the situation. Well, we're both respecting each other today so, thats a good sign.