Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The life that I live.

I got home late and very tired last night. Only a month ago, I'd have gone to crash at a friends place, closer to my place of work but now I'm "married" and had to go on home. As I climbed up the four flights of stairs, resting at each landing, the only thought on my mind was to hit the shower and crawl into bed. I consoled myself with thoughts of curling up under the blanket with the ac at full blast and probably I'd finish the Undomestic Goddess; a book i've been reading for a month now.

When I get to the door, I hear the television on, and I hope its my sister-in-law at home and not my husband. Whenever I'm this tired, I pretend to be asleep when DH comes in; otherwise, I'll have to warm his food, and look for accompaniments for his meal, which I don't mind most of the time, except when I'm tired. Besides, he knows how to work the stove very well. Alas, I walk in and hubby is watching tv in the dark. I go to give him a hug and kiss and ask about his day.

Moji: You're home early today.

DH: Yeah, I've been at home for over an hour now, and I'm starving.

I look around for something to hit on his head. I mean, the man has been at home and he couldn't start dinner or ask his sis to do it?(We live with two and a half siblings-in-law.) Too tired to argue, I go into the kitchen and thank God for the makers of indo mie. May their brand continue to grow and excel.

DH comes into the kitchen to ask what's for dinner, I ignore him. Take my bath while cooking and by the time I'm through, I'm fresh, dinner is ready and served. My sis in law appears and asks "you've cooked?!" in mock surprise. She should thank her stars that I came from a good home. I forgive her because DH does acknowledge his sisters' laziness and she's a sweet girl where physical work is not concerned.

Of course when DH saw the dirty looks I'd been giving him, he told me how it was the best meal he'd had today, blah, blah, blah, to get back into my good books. I let him off the hook, gist for a few seconds before I slink off to bed, hoping he'd take an hour or so before he decides to join me. This was not to be as he follows me in a few seconds later. Guy that he is, thinks that the best way to make up for the night is with sex. If I had known, I'd have boned him early on.

Ah well, welcome to the world of a tired married woman.

P. S.: I love my marriage, my husband and sometimes my siblings in law. But boys will be boys, wont they?