Thursday, November 5, 2015

Weightloss, hair, husband and career journey

I want to start making monthly goals and this months goal is to make a million off my blog! Linda Ikejis' house thing was so on everybody's' mouths that it reminded me of a girl I knew from secondary school. We went to the same uni and she made hair. sometime in hundred levels, she "became boxed up", she did less hair and I knew her parents did not win the lottery. She told everyone who knew her from home that she saved up all that hair money and used it for the rest of school. I didn't believe it then and I don't believe it now. The moral of the story is thou shall not compare yourself to others. You do not know their hustle and if God meant it to be yours, He would reveal it to you as well.

I am very fat, so fat that I hate going out for occasions. I recently quit my diet because it was not working, only to gain ten pounds in less than a week. I don tire. will go back to walking four miles daily, 15g of carbs per meal, one meal a day and weight-loss video daily, lol, as if I could find the time to do all that.

I chopped off my hair December 18th cause I was joining the natural movement. It has taught me three things: to stay away from youtube, I do not have coils or curls sef, I just have zig zags and look like a deeper lifer and with all this fat, no one needs to tell me that it does not suit me. Third thing I noticed during my hair journey is that my hair still breaks, is very dry and very expensive to maintain even without a relaxer. I am shocked. I will relax it again when it can pack (maybe another six months). But for now, the struggle is real.

That husband of mine. I will stop there.

Career wise, may God bless my hustle cos I prayed to God to give me a better job and He did, just that the better job is so stressful. Been dreading work for the past few weeks.