Sunday, October 18, 2009

Saying I'm Sorry

I used to be a self help book junkie. I read every book I could find on money, relationships, marriage, sex, love, babies, pregnancy, etc, so tay suppose don write my own book now.

Hubby annoyed me yesterday and characteristically, I let him have it. Not going into what he did but will only say, its something I have been gently trying to curb as advised by all the self help gurus. The man just no wan change and I went crazy. It could be my hormones, I know being preggers makes everything seem much more serious that it really is. After I erupted, trust the guy he sits quietly and then I start feeling like I was over reacting. I decide to apologize when we get into bed. Was going to snuggle up, give him a hug and tell him I was sorry and in a calmer manner repeat what he was doing that he should not be doing :).

Na so I enter bed, my small oga was being fussy so I let him sleep with us. My mouth was too heavy and instead, we all drift off to sleep. I woke up at night and madam, wake your husband up and tell him sorry and sit him down for some midnight "oro pataki", I lie there contemplating how to begin and fall asleep again still trying to decide on the best approach.

Of course typical guy fashion today hubby wakes and we talk like nothing happened. He knows I'm sorry anyway and he knows it was his fault too so, I decide to let it go as well but I know I need to reclaim my apologizing skills. Will do after our next fight.