Sunday, September 13, 2009

Birth of new life

Yesterday, I got to watch my first live birth and it was awesome. Sure I've seen enough on you-tube but it was nothing like the real thing. How can anyone see that up close and then deny that there is a God? The birth made me realise the following;

a) God is wonderful. He must be to make it possible for that child to breath in water. Her water was broken at about 5 a.m. (it was an induction) and the baby somehow was still breathing until it was pushed out @ 1.22 p.m;

b) Women are heavy duty machines. I have seen my own father, brothers and especially husband catch catarrh and turn into blubbering, irritating babies (may God forgive me for feeling that way) but seriously, I hate seeing sick men they get on my last nerve. This woman pushed out a whole person and was smiling afterwards. She had an epidural by then but what about the six hours of labor before she got the medication? But still, first hand, the birthing process is very painful.

c) I wonder why some people wait to see a mountain move before they can accept the miracles and favors of God Almighty. (First time I bought newborn clothes hubby actually thought no baby could fit something that small and you actually do forget how small a newborn is). Most fascinating thing about them (newborns) is they have 206 bones squeezed into that little body, a functioning brain and meeeen that head of theirs that mouds itself to pass through the birth canal? Awsome! God is wonderful. Even if I never see a mountain move, I am a Believer.

d) How does a baby make its way out such a small hole?

e) Even though the birth was amazing, seriously its a more spiritual experience to watch, I think it might be a good idea to bar husbands, boyfriends, and significant others from watching. Am just glad am a woman cos I would not go near another va jay jay if I were. The emerging baby is not a pretty sight and you need to see what it does to the anus.

f) God I thank you for making me a woman.