Monday, May 30, 2016

Missing my "friend"

I used to have a friend who I liked. She was my kind of person but extra controlling and extra bossy. she has a lot of Yoruba wisdom though and was my go to person for etiquette.

You see, I was raised Yoruba up North by parents who had spent a lot of time abroad. Me sef I know am dilute when it comes to etiquette. So, I am not aware of a lot of things like keeping ankara iro and buba for a guest, etc.

I had to cut ties with her because I found myself always offending her one way or another and constantly having to apologize. The final straw was one day, i was begging her for crap I don't recall but I do recall being very much irritated. I can't stand drama queens. barely a week later, we had another fallout and this time, I did not call her to talk about it and apologize like I used to. After some time, she called me. I let her speak. And when she started demanding an apology since i did not offer it, i had to hold back my laughter as I explained why I was the one who needed the apology. She was livid! We since made up but we aren't close anymore. Now, we play phone/social media tag where she ignores my calls and messages if I dont respond to hers within minutes.

I really need her Yoruba wisdom with another situation though.



  1. belle30.5.16

    well, why not post your question here? maybe a wise yoruba will read and help.

  2. @ belle, I thought of that but I didn't think I would get a reasonable response in good time. I had taken a decision but I needed advice on "how to do a bad thing" and still come out looking like the good person. If that makes sense.

  3. Funny i'm in this exact dilemna right now LOL!
    Usually though i'm the one who's offended but will still apologise profusely! we had an incident and my friend went on about if for aeons. As far as i was concerned i wasnt wrong but she literally was in tears so i said sorry. Made up my mind never again anyway!... Years after i was leaving a party when she arrived i said a quick hello and drove off. She called the next day to ask why i didnt stop i said i was in a hurry and besides i did pause to say hello. She said something about what could have been so important i said i had to cook dinner!!!! she made some statement like oh you carry on with your cooking something funny and i smiled to myself.

    She's called me at least 10 times to go over the issue and how it was wrong of me not to stop and say a proper hello.

    Me i'm refusing to say sorry because i may not have come down from the car but i stopped to say hello!!!!!!!!

    1. In fact, we could be talking about the same person. I can see her doing something like that, as in being offended at not being paid homage to.

      I miss my friend sometimes as she does have some good qualities, but she DRAINS me. To be honest, am so happy to be free from the drama. We still talk sha but now she dey respect me small.

      You don born?