Saturday, April 9, 2016


I was just blog hopping and feeling frustrated at how many bloggers refuse to update. *Sigh* I remebmer a time not so long ago when it took me three hours to finish reading my favorite blogs.

Everyone I know just had a baby this past year or is preggers. My biological clock is telling me now or never but my head is telling me no. Oga was telling me to get my tubes tied and I have helped him schedule his vasectomy. Lets see if he goes through with it. If he does get the vasectomy then so be it. Otherwise I will let fate decide and do something permanent in September.

Weight is just increasing like crazy.

I caved in and relaxed my hair. My hair has grown but the lower back portion is still longer than the rest (part of the reason why I cut it off to begin with). I have reaized that natural hair does not grow faster, its just harder to neglect. After months of looking up ways to straighten natural hair. Gaskiya some of the methods were as bizarre as threading every night (I no fit) to daily flat ironing. My final straw was this colleague of mine that does wash and go with my type of hair. I just know I cannot leave the house with my hair looking like hers. Its bad enough to be over weight. To not take care of oneself on top would be a travesty.

I hat my job even more now. Seriously looking for another.

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