Monday, February 17, 2014

The man, his son and his donkey. . .

In case you did not go to primary school or are of the younger generation who did not use those thick "readers", I will give you an abridged version of the tale.

A man his son and his donkey were travelling to a neighboring village on foot with, leading their donkey. People who they passed said they were dumb for not riding the donkey. The man lets his son ride and people began to comment on how disrespectful and manner-less the son was to be riding and letting his old father walk and so they trade places. Of course, the next set of people began to rain curses on the man since he would ride and let his tired young son walk. To prevent this, they both decide to ride the donkey together only for one market woman to exclaim, "You want to kill that donkey? How can that donkey support both of your weights?". Tired of all the criticism, the man and his son decide to kuku carry the donkey only to get more criticism. I do not remember how the story ends.

The moral of the story is that people will always talk no matter what you do. The other moral is what they say may make sense but you really should not listen.

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