Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Booty Clapping

Had fun at work today, we get paid friday and girl at work sawher paycheck and all the overtime hours paid off, she got a "huge" check and was so happy she started booty clapping. Its this dance she does moving one leg and bouncing her hips, yes like joke her but cheeks began clapping.

Her carefree attitude jolted me out of my moodiness (am still job hunting) and I let her teach me how to do the booty clap. My ass is bigger and firmer, i did not think my cheeks would flap, but brothers and sisters, its all about getting the bounce, I got the move so well, I showed off to the rest of the team.

My sup caught me doing the dance and his expression was a true Kodak moment. He asked the girl to move her stuff cos, he did not want me corrupted, lol (I think he likes the calmer more predictable me). Boy, have I changed!


  1. LOL!!!

    Booty Clapping in the office?! Now thats something! I can imagine your supervisor's expression. LOL!

  2. Is that really possible? LOL...I can't even imagine it.

  3. hahahaha @ ur sup. i can imagine. ur face no red pass am? come, u carry ur big belle dey clap? or, u don born? i no know sef. been a long time i was here. let me read up & confirm.

  4. @ SHE, he was just suprised that I of all people would do something that silly.

    @ Myne, not that you hear the clap o. you just feel the cheeks separate and come together.

    @ Florida, hmm, i don offload o, all i have left to contend with is all the extra flesh, am working with the hips, booty and boobs, the belly, though, another story. Starting savings account to gather funds for tummy tuck.